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Model Camila Costa at IMGs Personal Style

Model Camila Costa at IMG talks about her Personal Style. I'm Michael Sanders and I've been a fashion photographer for more than 25 years shooting around the World for Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire magazines and Fashion Advertising Campaigns, and this video is from my new Go Sees Show launching on my Birthday July 24th 2017. The purpose of the show is to share with you the Life Stories of the Models who come to see me at my home on "Go See" castings interviewing the girls about their personal histories and how they got into modeling as well as the daily nuts and bolts of the job and what the life of a Model is really like in the hope of giving some practical advice and knowledge to any aspiring models or photographers out there or anyone interested in the process of creating images for the fashion industry. I'm totally new to Youtube so would really appreciate any feedback, advice, and constructive criticism about how to improve as a host, and to make the show better for you the viewer, and any ideas or questions you would like me to incorporate in future shows please let me know. I only want to deliver the most useful and engaging content to offer as much value and help as I can. A Special Thank You to Lisa DiRuocco and Samantha James at IMG for all their support and help and belief in this project and for making it all happen-they are the Best! Thanks so much for watching and looking forward to going on this journey with you! ...and please don't forget to like and share with your friends and you can Subscribe by clicking the link below My Channel Page: Full Go See Interviews every Wednesday and Saturday at 12.30PM Models Favorite Things every Sunday at 12.30PM Models "Who Do you Love?" every Monday and Thursday at 12.30PM Models Fashion every Tuesday and Friday at 12.30PM Playlists: Full Go See Interviews: Who do you Love: Models Fashion: Models Favorite Things: Camila's Book Here: Please check out my Go Sees website here: And my work at my Photography website here: ...and follow me on Social Media at: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: Enviado no Youtube por Michael Sanders Studio

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