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City Hunter MV: Disaster

To Download, visit my blog: Fanmade MV Music: Jojo - "Disaster" Happy New Years!!! :) Havent been uploading in a long time, huh? Let alone making MV's. I've been super busy with school, work, and been left feeling uninspired. I have a really hard time finding video clips and music and just never commit to making a full mv anymore. But I have some major ideas for an MV or two in the near future! So look out for them!!! :) This was originally started a few months ago as a part of a collab, but i extended it a little bit. I guess the collab never actually happened, and part of this was sitting around on my laptop, and i finally finished it today. So I decided to share this with you all as a New Years gift!! :) 2013!!. Enviado no Youtube por ADxxProd

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