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Iggy Pop - Loves Missing

Order the album here: "Loves Missing" J. Osterberg Jr/ L.Thomas Iggy Pop - Vocal Aaron Nevezie - Guitar, Bass Leron Thomas - Trumpet, Keys Chris Berry - Drums Director: Simon Taylor Director of Photography: Rob Baker Ashton Producer: Henry McGroggan Production Company: Tomato Special appearance: Ale Campos Location: Sweat Records Miami / special thanks to Lolo Reskin She's thinking About something we all need all need Clocks ticking not giving her room to breather to breathe Loves screaming Loves missing Loves screaming So quietly and in pain Loves absent it's failing her once again again Loves screaming Loves screaming Dark future she just needs someone to say to say I love you before she gets pushed away Loves absent Loves absent the centre won't hold the ends Loves absent snd she cannot touch a friend a friend She's thinking and that isn't gonna help no help Clocks ticking it's bad when she's by herself Loves screaming Loves missing Loves screaming Screaming. Enviado no Youtube por IggyPopOnVEVO

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