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Voting for this chart has closed. You can still vote on the newest K-Pop Songs Chart here: Welcome back K-Villagers to the TOP 100 K-POP Songs Chart! This week we have new #KPOP songs from #DAY6, #NUEST, #BVNDIT, #HAN, #NATTY, #BOL4, #CHANYEOL, #ONGSEONGWU and so much more! If you have any questions about the chart, you can message me on IG here: ► VOTE HERE: ► NEW K-POP SONGS: ► RULES FOR THE CHART: ► Songs are voted for using the Poll provided in the description in the video. ► Any song on the poll is eligible for voting – you need to vote for at least 10 songs and you can only submit your choice once. ► Songs can only remain on the chart for a maximum of 10 weeks. Songs that have been on the chart for 10 weeks will no longer be eligible for voting. THE AWARDS SYSTEM EXPLAINED: ► #1 SONG = A song that has been in the #1 position. ► PLATINUM AWARD = A song that has been in the Top 5 at least once, OR has been in the Top 10 for at least 3 weeks. ► GOLD AWARD = A song that has been in the Top 10 for at least one week. ► 8 WEEK AWARD = A song that has been on the chart for 8 weeks. ► HIGHEST JUMP = The song that has moved up the most places. ► HOT ENTRY = A song that debuted in the Top 30 this week. SONGS YOU CAN VOTE FOR: (G)I-DLE - “Oh My God” 2Z - “Doctor” 75 & GRACIE - “Where Is The Luv?” AIVAN - “Spring Spell” AIVAN – “Pointless” APINK - “Dumhdurum” APRIL - “LALALILALA” AQUINAS - “Oh!” ASTRO - “Knock” BAEK JI WOONG - “Sometimes” BAEK Z YOUNG, ONG SEONG WU - “Didn’t Say Anything” BANDAGE – “Invisibles” BEN - “Bad” BIBI - “KAZINO” BOL4 - “Hug” BOL4 ft. BAEKHYUN - "Leo" BVNDIT - "Jungle" BVNDIT - “Children” CELINE - “You’ll Forget” CHEEZE - “Today’s Mood” CHUNG HA - “Stay Tonight” CIGNATURE – “ASSA” CODE KUNST ft. C JAMM, SIMON DOMINIC – “JOKE!” CODE KUNST ft. Jay Park, Woo, Giriboy – “Flower” CRAVITY - “Break All The Rules” DALSOOOBIN - “DIVE” DAY6 - "Zombie" DAYDREAM – “Num Num” DEMIAN – “Cassette” DONGKIZ – “LUPIN” DOORI - “Beauty Advisory” DPR LIVE – “Legacy” DREAMCATCHER – “Sahara” DVWN ft. GIRIBOY – “Burn the Memory” EYEDI - "" FANATICS - “V.A.V.I GIRL” FAVORITE – “LIE” GAEKO ft. HEIZE - "Cold" GAHO - “A Song For You” GIRLKIND - “Future” GOT7 - “Not By The Moon” GWSN - “BAZOOKA!” H&D - “Good Night” H&D - “Soul” H&D – “Unfamiliar” HA:TFELT - “Cigar” HA:TFELT - “Solitude” HA:TFELT ft. ASH ISLAND - “Satellite” HA:TFELT ft. SOLE - “Sweet Sensation” HAN (of STRAY KIDS) - “Close” HANNAH JANG - “RUNNAWAY” HITCHHIKER x SOKODOMO - “Sugar” HONG CHANG WOO ft. JUN, DONGHYUN, CHAN (of A.C.E) - “First Love” HONG EUNKI – “Breath” HONG JINYOUNG – “Love Is Like a Petal” HOPPIPOLLA - “Enough” HYNN – “When I Tell You Goodbye” IMFACT - “Lie” IM SE JUN - “Empty” ITZY – “WANNABE” IU ft. SUGA (of BTS) - “Eight” JIN MINHO - “The First Anniversary” JOWOOCHAN - “Honey Dance” JUNG YONG HWA (of CNBLUE) ft. Lee Joon, Yoon Dojoon, Hwang Kwanghee - “Would You Marry Me? KANG DANIEL - “2U” KANTO ft. BUMKEY - “Favorite” LEE MINHYUK - “Serenade In May” LEE NAEUN, LEE JINSOL (of APRIL) – “Matter of Time” LEE SOO YOUNG - “A Teardrop By Itself” LUCY - “Flowering” M.C the MAX - “Bloom” MAX (of TVXQ) - “Chocolate” MAY - “Bye” MC MONG, KIM JAE HWAN ft. PENOMECO - “Cold” MCND - “Spring” MINSEO - “No Good Girl” MOON JONG UP ft. YUNHWAY - “Headache” MUSM ft. NONE - “Be My Guest” - “Don’t Know” NATTY - "Nineteen" NCT DREAM - “Ridin” NOIR - “Lucifer” NU'EST - "I'm In Trouble" OH MY GIRL - “Nonstop” ONEUS - “A Song Written Easily” ONEWE ft. HWASA – “Q” ONG SEONG WU - “Gravity” OTC (Off The Cuff) - “Going Out” OVAN - "I Need You" PARK BORAM – “I Can’t” PARK WOO JIN (AB6IX) – “Color Eye” PH-1 - “PACKITUP!” PURPLEBECK – “VALENTi” PURPLE RAIN - "The King Must Die" RAIDEN x CHANYEOL ft. LEE HI, CHANGMO - “Yours” REDSQUARE - “Color Full” RISSO - “Foul” RISSO - “I’m Sorry” SECRET NUMBER - “Who Dis?” SEJEONG (of GUGUDAN) – “Plant” SEORI - “Hairdryer” SE SO NEON - "Midnight Train" SE SO NEON - “NAN CHUN” SOLAR (of MAMAMOO) - “Spit It Out” SOLE - “haPPiness” STELLA JANG, LEE MINHYUK - “Beautiful Mint Life” STELLA JANG - “Villain” STELLA JANG – “Reality Blue” STRAY KIDS - “Mixtape: On Track” SUHO (of EXO) – “Let’s Love” TAEYEON - “Happy" TOO – “Magnolia” TXT - “Can’t You See Me?” UNVS - “Give You Up” UNVS - “Solar Eclipse” VICTON – “Howling” VIINI ft. SUHYUN (of AKMU), BLOO - "Love the Moon" VINCE ft. ZION.T - "Emergency" VINCIT – “I Don’t Wanna Die” WINNER - “Hold” WINNER - “Remember” WOO!AH! - “woo!ah!” XENEX – “It’s Gonna Hurt” XYDO ft. pH-1 - “BETTING” YELO, JOHN PARK - “Airplane Mode” YONGYONG - “Lost Ember” YUNSAE - “Feeling of You” YUZION – “No Way” ZELO - “She and Malibu” ZICO, KANG DANIEL - “Refresh”. Enviado no Youtube por K-Ville Entertainment

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